bocom LED Street Lights Electrolytic Capacitors -FREE-

Million lamps to LED technology be changed globally in the next 3-5 years. This is to ensure an energy-efficient consumption, durability and freedom from maintenance.
The generally demanded by the market warranty period of 5 years and over is only possible with components whose life this time also ensured.
bocom system luminaire electrolytic capacitors FREE offers.

LED-Hall lighting ledφHall

Hall lighting for halls with high altitudes. Improve illumination during reducing energy costs.

A wireless control system for street and park lighting.

15 years of experience in wireless control systems. Meanwhile, the bocom control system solutions are available in many countries. The requirement to control the city lights, the bocom ledphistreet system meets wirelessly from a point.

The system allows, for example:

  • The control of over 100,000 lamps;
  • Consumption measurement;
  • To form lighting scenarios, intensity and time settings;
  • Individual settings for main and secondary roads etc.;
  • eError message etc.
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Certificate of Partnership.

bocom Energiespar-Technologien GmbH has been assessed and found qualified for Acrich Solution Provider of SEOUL SEMICONDUCTOR from December 2014.

Parking Garage Tranktor in Neuss

Modification on a costs-lowering lighting system. bocom has developed the LED technology with integrated radiocommunication intelligent lighting system, which guarantees meeting demand parking bay lighting of the highest quality.

Parking Garage in Nürnberg

Modification on a costs-lowering lighting system with integrated radiocommunication intelligent lighting system from bocom.

Sparda-Carré, Bonn

Creating Space – from September 2010 - the new light project auf the Media Wall (368 x 80 Pixel) at Sparda-Carré in Bonn.
Photo: Grad. designer Michael Godehardt

The new light.

- the revolution in lighting!

                                              Already on market:
  ledφ16GU5.3,   ledφ16GU10,   ledφ16E27,   ledφ11,   ledφ4,   ledφ111,   ledφstreet.
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Mennekes, Sauerland

98 Glasscheiben bedruckt mit Siebdruck, im umlaufenden Aluminiumrahmen, nach RAL Ton pulverbeschichtet, zweiseitige LED-RGB Kanteneinspeisung, jede Scheibe ist über DMX ansteuerbar, frei programmierbare Lichtszenen.

Olafur Eliasson, Installation in Oldenburg

Lightinstallation at the university Oldenburg for Karl Jasper 125-birthday(1883-1969).
Studio:Olafur Eliasson, Berlin, Frank Haugwitz.
Product: 16 in einander verflochtene Polycarbonat Rohre bilden den Leuchtring mit
einem Durchmesser von 4,7m. 1.856 doppelseitige Fullcolor LED-Streifen
im wasserdichten Polycarbonat Rohr leuchten in den Elementarfarben.

Underground, Berlin, U55 - Brandenburg Gate „Kanzlerbahn“

Project:42 shining LED panels in groups of 3 things, sleeper´s illumination in Berlin
Person building:BVG Berlin
Customer:Berlin´s Senate / Foundation Berlinermauerfall e.V. Berlin
Architect:Norbert Lehmann, architectural´s office Artus, Berlin
Client:Kotzolt International GmbH, Lemgo
Product:    The special plexiglass for equal lighting
of the whole area of 2.250mm x 1.980mm,
which achieved through the reflector plate (Kotzolt patent).
Double sided border feeding wirh LED stripes.
White High Power LEDs 6.500°K.
Equipment installed in special frame.

Ketteler School, Mainz

Project:Ketteler School, Mainz
Customer:    Gradinger & Gradinger GbR, workshop for metals and artistic smith craft
Product: Board «KETTELER — SCHULE» made of cut out, hardened, formed and polished and covered with transparent varnish brazen plates, which are 3 mm thick. The height of each letter is around 600 mm, width is around 520 mm, total length is around 9.8 mts. For each letter there was separate LED-panel, front lighting from both sides. Remote control.

Five star first class hotel Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt/Main

Five star first class hotel Villa Kennedy in Frankfurt/Main illuminates the inside yard with LED - beamers from Bocom Energiespar-Technologien Ltd. company. With the help of LED-RGB-beamers ColourPIX columns of the inside yard were brightened with beams of light. Atmosphere of the yard became even cozier due to play of light.

Germany is looking for the super star (DSDS)

Customer:    Magic Light & Sound / MMC
Product:colourpix Stripe 36
12 channels RGB+W control via DMX

"Germany is looking for the super start" (abbreviation: DSDS) — this is the German competition of the artists, which took place in Autumn 2002 in German channel RTL for the first time. The key idea of the British show Pop Idol, which received the world license (for example, show (American Idol) in the USA or «New Star» (Nouvelle Star) in France served the basis for the German competition as well. In Germany the show is produced by GRUNDY Light Entertainment GmbH.

In 2003 year, the show «DSDS» was declared to be the best entertainment show and was marked with the special prize of the German television. Three years later this prize was regained by the show: Florian Wiederr got it for the decorations in the category named "The best design of the studio".

Source: PMA
Das Reportage-Magazin für die Veranstaltungsbranche 04/2009
(Informational magazine for show business) 04/2009