1. System Solutions:

bocom LED Street Lights Electrolytic Capacitors -FREE-

Million lamps to LED technology be changed globally in the next 3-5 years. This is to ensure an energy-efficient consumption, durability and freedom from maintenance.
The generally demanded by the market warranty period of 5 years and over is only possible with components whose life this time also ensured.
bocom system luminaire electrolytic capacitors FREE offers.

bocom LED Street Lights Electrolytic Capacitors
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LED-Hall Lighting

By installing the LED lighting the hall illumination is significantly improved and reduces the consumption drastically. Infinitely variable dimming possible from 10 to 100%. Suitable for halls with high altitudes by different emission angles.

LED-Hall Lighting
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LED-Street Lighting - ledφStreet

"Green building concepts" are the future. ledϕstreet puts an end to the era of conventional lamps in street lighting. ledϕstreet is the revolutionary generation of street lighting systems and captivates with great efficiency while producing a high light yield. Even with an optimal street illumination the CO2- emissions and the energy costs will be reduced drastically.

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Technical Datasheet Street Lighting
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Street Lighting ledφstreet SOLAR

The use of solar energy not only eliminates the need of connecting to the network, but in conjunction with LED lamps, reduces CO2 emissions by 85%.

bocom Solar Street lighting system for special requirements:

  • bocom Company has worked out the system solution, which could be adapted for concrete climate conditions.
  • No need for cable laying .
  • The system is autonomous and operates without connection to the power supply network.
  • Assembly of this system is modular.
  • Separate groups of the masts are made in such a way that the shipment of the entire system is implemented in a standard way (max. length up to 2m).
  • Energie-efficiency Class A +++
  • Max. illumination at the installation height of 6m is 21 lux (by 50% brightness).
  • Life cycle is 10 years and more.

  • ledφstreet_Solar
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    LED-Hospital illumination

    LED solutions for indoor use. The optimal light quality of LED bocom solutions ensures a neat appearance and gives the patients, visitors and staff a greater sense of security.

    LED-Hospital illumiation
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    LED-Petrol Station illumination

    LED-system solutions for all indoor and outdoor areas. The quality of light the LED ensures a neat appearance of the petrol station and give the customer a greater sense of security.

    LED-Petrol station illumination
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    LED-Interior Light

    LED solutions for indoor use.

    Conversion to LED technology: Energy savings of 75% and more are possible. Adequate lighting with wireless control. Modern lighting design. AExchange possible during operation. Lifespan more than 50,000 hours, almost maintenance-free. All from one hand.

    LED-Interior Light
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    2. Alternative light sources:

    ledphi advantages at a glance:

    - Direct 1:1 replacement - compatibly with each low voltage transformers;
    - Operational below the minimal load requirements to transformers;
    - Premium product "Made in Germany";
    - Dimmable version available.

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    Technical characteristics ledphi-Family
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    3. Interior and effects:

    Shining LED panels

    Shinging LED panels are used for decorative lighting of walls and ceilings.
    The special glass of the plexiglass ensures equal lighting of the whole area.
    The reflecting surface, situated on the back side and completely inmade into the frame, serves for gradual change of colours.

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    AVI-DMX player

    AVI-DMX player is for equipment, managed via DMX512.
    Our AVI-video systems are compatiable with DMX 512!
    Turn usual walls into video episodes! Move any AVI-video with the help of DMX player to the object you like.

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    MR 16 LED beamers

    MR 16 LED beamers, of 3.6 watt power, fullcolour, DMX – are a good alternative to low — voltage halogen.

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    4. Architecture lighting according to your taste:

    Linear beamers ColourPIX Stripe 36lite

    ColourPIX stripe 36lite — these are linear beamers with 18 light diodes (6 red ones, 6 green ones and 6 blue ones), worked out especially for lighting of small objects. Thanks to their compact design beamers colour-PIX stripe 36lite can be easily installed and are perfectly suitable for lighting of surfaces and creation of other light effects. Beamers colourPIX stripe 36lite are produced also with protection class IP65, which allows to use them outside.

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    Fullcolour linear beamers ColourPIX Stripe 30, 15

    Fullcolour PIX stripe 30 — these are innovative light diodes linear beamers with 30 full colour light diodes each of 3.6W. With the help of fullcolour light diodes it is possible to reproduce more than 16 million colours. The advantage exactly of these beamers is that the change of the colours happens in the light diode. Light cone of separate colours, inherent in such beamers, is absolutely absent. Thanks to their compact design beamers colourPIX stripe 30 can be easily installed and suit perfectly well for lighting of surfaces or for creating other lighting effects.

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    Fullcolour beamers ColourPIX beam 15

    ColourPIX beam 15 — these are innovative light diodes with 15 full colour light diodes each of 3,6W. With the help of fullcolour light diodes it is possible to reproduce more than 16 million colours. The advantage exactly of these beamers is that the change of the colours happens in the light diode. Light cone of separate colours, inherent in such beamers, is absolutely absent.

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    Colour LED-beamer for lighting of fountains

    Colour lighting is able to radically change the esthetic perception of fountains. Dynamic colour effects attract attention to the lighted object and captivate the audience. Special bocom LED-beamer, put on fountains’ sprayers, make streams of fountains shine from inside. Programmed in a standard way or according to the client’s wish, controller ensures slow changes of the colour composition and also allows managing the power of the water pump according to the designer’s idea.

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    Fullcolour inbuilt LED beamers

    Fullcolour inbuilt LED beamers. Polychromy is able to sufficiently contribute to the effect of visual lighting. Artistic change of colours of the lighted object attracts attention and causes interest to it. Colour diodes inbuilt beamers of the bocom company can be used for lighting of swimming pools and gardens, also for lighting of various objects and paths. The programmed control block ensures smooth changes of colours and creates the lighting effects, which point out the lighted object.

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    5. Other Measurements — media systems for presenting texts, pictures and video information:

    LED-media systems

    Fullcolour LED media systems. Simple configuration, easy assembly and high level of reliability.
    With the help of fullcolour media system you can realize your ideas! Simple configuration, easy assembly and high level of reliability provide the possibility for building video systems of any size and form for bright multimedia presentations.

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    AIR screen®

    AIR screen® — this is revolutionary new approach to screens for outside, used for demonstrations of texts, pictures and video information. The unique concept allows to integrate it into modern architectural forms. Reasonable energy consumption is oriented towards environmental care.
    This is an ideal advertisement stand, media front part or monitor of particularly big area, it is bigger and brighter than other monitors, known before.

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    6. Wellness:


    It is known, that colour lighting is able to have positive impact upon humans.
    Using our LED products in wellness rooms and SPA salons you can not simply fill the rooms with warmth and cozy atmosphere with the help of unforgettable colours’ combinations, but you can also cause development of harmony between body and soul.

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    7. Energy saving:

    Energy management

    Optimization of energy consumption makes a sufficient contribution into economic functioning of buildings and can sufficiently reduce the negative impact upon environment. Control of energy consumers in buildings means providing only that quantity of energy for the consumer, which is needed at the particular place at the particular point of time.
    The presented here control system corresponds to these demands. It was worked out for equipping of new building projects but first of all for modernization of the existing ones.

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