bocom company catalogue

Spheres of activity of the bocom company range from decorative lighting of interior and till colour scenes on the buildings and also therapeutically supportive lighting in the sphere of medicine and cosmetic/wellness centers.

Thanks to multiple products in the sphere of lighting technologies and lighting design the bocom company has the possibility to fill the indoors and outdoors with warmth and cozy atmosphere with the help of unforgettable colour play.

Probably, there is no sphere left, which would be unlikely to be correctly equipped with lighting.

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ledphi Products Catalogue

The New Light.

Today, offers access to the light technology of the future using ‘Made in Germany’ technology at its best. Modern high efficiency LEDs produce a luminous flux – in physics abbreviated with the Greek symbol ‘Φ’. The long life-cycle of the lamps of over 50.000 operating hours offers more potential for CO2-reduction (e.g. maintenance and replacement). Every single lamp of the ledphi-product family on average avoids the production of several tons of CO2. The standing cost of ownership can simultaneously be reduced by 85% on average.

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bocom Image Brochure — Products and projects

We can make your ideas real.

LED-lighting for scenes or events? Standard components, developments, directed for concrete projects, particular solutions — our staff can fulfill practically any individual demand of the customer. The competence in the lighting sphere, which is mastered by our company, allows us to make most of the ideas real. Rely on our experience.

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Research project

Lighting with controlled colour — research of optimization of the colour light control systems. Together with Sun Institute Juelich (SIJ , Germany) and high school in Aachen.

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Architecture & Object

Lighting — this is much more, than simple output of light. Choose the new way. Break through the darkness with the help of light, make an event of the light!

bocom company works out and produces wide range of products for creation and control of the colour dynamic lighting: modern light diodes fullcolour sources for various spheres of application and traditional multi colour tube technology for particular aims. With the help of our company’s products you would be able to realize the needed dynamic change of colour without any problems.

The products of our company might be used in architecture, in lighting of scenes and apartments, in lamps, at exhibitions and various events, and also can be applied for fulfillment of creative and artistic tasks.

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LED-stripes provide the possibility to make space saving lighting for lengthy areas.

bocom company provides stripes with multi colour RGB (optionally with additional white) groups or with fullcolour diodes and also with monochrome LED — red, green, blue or white or "warm" white colours.

You have the chance to order the stripes as separate product or as component for the following units:
— ColourPIX tube;
— colour diode profiles.

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Control devices

bocom company works out and produces innovative control devices for multicolour LED lighting.

LED control devices, which can be programmed and united into a net, provide the possibility to create various light scenarios, controlled via remote control or DMX 512.

bocom company supplies system solutions for light-emitting diode lighting, which are widely used by architects for lighting the interiors, scenes and various events.

LED-Standard control
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