LED-Change of light means

Publication: POS Ladenbau
Issued: May/09
ColorPIX® MR16 LED
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ColorPIX® QR111 LED
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bocom Comanpy, working out and producing light diodes equipment and control systems for it, presented new lamps in the sphere of halogen lighting — ColourPIX® MR 16 GU 5.3 и ColourPIX® QR111 LED.

Both lamps are exchanged 1:1 with traditional low volt halogen lamps by the further usage with the existing power sources, which provides the possibility to reduce the energy consumption for 86 %. Especially hotel buildings and shops it is hard to imagine without such light means.

"Rainbow democracy" with fullcolour LED stripes

LED-sculpture in the frames of Jasper year 2008 (Jasper-Jahr), university Oldenburgh (Oldenburg)

Contemporary artist Olafur Eliasson (Ólafur Elíasson) (Copenhagen, Danemark) created this light diodes sculpture together with theoretic of mass media Peter Weibel (Peter Weibel) dated for the 125th anniversary of the Carl Jasper’s, birth (1883-1969), he was a psychiatrist and political writer, born in Oldenburgh.

The ring, going round the bridge, connecting two buildings of the university, shines with all colours of the rainbow.

16 interlaced tubes make the shining circle with diameter 4,7 mts. 1856 of two side full colour LED stripes, placed in waterproof polycarbonate tubes, shine with main colours.

The fullcolour LED stripes were chosen because the movement of the colours is happening directly in the diode. With the help of Bocom company control system it was possible to show the gradual play of colours.

This interesting design can be implemented not only for artistic lighting. As well as in the architecture also in design of rooms and scenes — the abilities of full colour diodes are limitless.

Artist Olafur Eliassin chose the Bocom company technology as this was far not the first successful project of this company.