Parking Garage Tranktor, Neuss
Parking Garage in Nürnberg
Sparda-Carré, Bonn
Mennekes, Sauerland
Olafur Eliasson, Oldenburg
Underground, Berlin
Dayekh Juwellery, Belgium
New Bridges Freedom, Tartu
Ketteler School in Mainz
Hotel Villa Kennedy, Frankfurt
Evonik Fair Stand Euroshop
Interlight Moscow
Multifunction arena
Underground Bochum
Lighting bridges in Neuss
Q-19 Multimedia front side
Ivory Lounge, Köln
Television tower
RTL - Top of the Pops
3001 Disco Düsseldorf
China garden Zürich
Bucket crane Lühnen
Disco Tribehouse, Neuss
Cinema Alhambra, Berlin
Hotel Anna, München
Marriott Hotel in Köln
St. Pius Church Neuss
Airport München
Hilton Hotel Köln
Neidclub Hamburg
Fair stand bluetrac
Hotel Königshof München
Model of the atom
Grand Hotel of Bordeaux

bocom References

You can see it yourself.
bocom colour lighting inside, outside, in artistic sphere, as general illumination and applied for the implementation of architectural ideas.

You define where you can place our technical equipment in the scene to make it effective.

In the following pages, you will find the examples, how colour lighting can impact the formation of the atmospehere. We are also at your disposal for the advises concerning your coming project.

Fulfilled projects:

Parking Garage Tranktor in NeussParking Garage in NrnbergLight project at Sparda-Carr in Bonn
Parking Garage
Tranktor, Neuss
Parking Garage
Light project at Sparda-Carré,
Building illumination in Sauerland Olafur Eliasson Lightinstallation in Oldenburg New Bridges Freedom, Tartu, Estland
New Bridges Freedom,
Tartu, Estland