About our company

Energy — means life

With this idea the company was founded 25 years ago and it has become important in Europe. bocom Ltd. developed and produced an energy management system to control the use of energy in buildings. The aim was to save energy without the loss of comfort. The system is preferably used in communal building complexes.

In the mid-90ies the development of controlled coloured light began. Its aim was to provide the room climate with positive atmosphere. In the course of this development there was an installation at the Expo 2000 which was presented together with the center for art and media technology in Karlsruhe, Germany. This installation in the hall presenting knowledge and communication was the final beginning of the topic of coloured light controlling. After the euroshop and light&building 2002 fairs the fast expanding market for coloured light controlling has been developing.

Since 2002 also LED has been continually integrated into the concepts of coloured light. Considering this background Bocom was chosen by the council for economic development of Kreis Neuss, Germany, to accompany the presentation of the economic region of the middle Rhine area as a company presenting innovation and hightec at the EU in Strassburg.

For several years Bocom has developed cooperation with scientific institutions as for instance the Polytechnic University of Kiew.

In 2003 Bocom began to gather information about "lighting with cyclically controlled coloured light — analysis and optimization of system of coloured light controlling". The scientific researches of the impact of lighting upon people lasted for around three years and after they were awarded with Albert Seifrit’s price for successful integration of innovations into production. ("Technologie-Transfer Handwerk, Prof.- Adalbert- Seifritz- Preis 2006").

One of the biggest demonstration projects for energy saving, which was known not only in Germany — lighting of the TV tower in Duesseldorf. 62 illuminators of the Duesseldorf tower were equipped with 100 watt incandescent lamps. In the year 2002 the beamers are able to save up to 88% of electricity, remaining twice brighter than incandescent lamps.

Our references include decorative indoor lightings, light engineering for buildings and light in the field of medicine and cosmetics / wellness to support therapies.

The multitude of our products in the fields of light technology and light design gives us the possibility to fill rooms with warmth and cosiness with the help of unforgettable coloured light play.

There is hardly any area that cannot be woken to life by the right light.

Some application examples:

— Lighting of selling areas: the attention to the customer is increased — the goods are presented in the right light.

— Lighting of work area: in the age of health awareness the congruity of body and soul is very important.

— think of Feng Shui!
The role of energy flow supported by light is so important here — the right light stimulates specific energy fields and thus improves harmony and productivity.

— Wellness / medicine: apart from the optical effect coloured light is used today more than ever before in the field of therapy — one knows for instance that blue light has a soothing effect on human beings.

Thanks to our ideas concerning the possibilities of the colour light and technical realizations of these ideas, Bocom company managed to go beyond some limits, which existed before. Along with ready products you can count on the support in the sphere of planning, concept and realization of your light solutions with the help of light diodes’ technologies.